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A war should have RP behind it … remember that the experience should be fun for both parties. No player should grief another player on the server during any PVP experience. Wars should happen after a build up of some kind, and should be the last action taken after other methods have already taken place (Ie: Raids, 1v1 battles between members of opposite factions). Also remember to stay in character. If players get into a disagreement OOC please take it to DMs and remember that we are all adults here. Only time OOC should happen is when talking terms between Faction Leaders.

Remember anyone can partake in a war but wars should strictly be started by Factions. Settlements should not start wars but if there is a RP reason for them to have a grudge against a Faction that is when they should seek out another Faction for help.

Also Settlements shouldn’t be wiped… they are allowed to be raided. This rule also applies for Settlements within a Faction’s territory.

War Declarations

1. All Wars must have a formal declaration at first and must be approved by an Admin. Remember that the War must make sense in character. Players can not just go to war with other players they have never met in game.

2. If approved the war will last up until either both sides come to some type of terms... either one side surrenders or a peace treaty is written or one side is destroyed.

3. When a war has ended there will be a mandatory 72 hour cool down period before retaliation can be submitted.

Also remember that if your character/clan engages others in a hostile manner then that means you should always be prepared for consequences at all times.

Rules of Combat

1. Each player involved in the war is allowed 2 re spawns. After first re spawn player must place bedroll at battle ground and if they are killed then they must stay to suffer in character consequences (Consequences include and are not limited to: Capture, Torture, Death, Rape... etc. Note that it must be RP'd out.)

Side Note: You do not have to use your second life. If you choose to not use your second life then you must wait 5 in game days before resuming to take part in the fight. Also if you choose to use your second life than that means you are consenting to any consequence of the other parties choice.

2. There will be no foundation spamming or rebuilding during the war. You are not allowed to rebuild until all fighting has ceased within that area.

3. Fortresses, Forts, Outposts are subject to raid. (You must learn these locations IC, as well as know that at least one player is online.)

Main Cities are not subjected to open attack. If enemy faction wishes to attack main city then they must contact clan leader OOCly to discuss terms: Date and Time of attack of the city. (During a war main cities can not be moved. Clans with main cities must submit location to one of the Admins.)

KOS Rules!

1. KOSing is allowed as long as members know IC that that member is in the enemy faction or allied.

2. Players are allowed to use their second life after being KOS’d but if not player must wait 5 in game days till they are allowed to KOS back.

Admins encourage that player's RP but it is not required with KOS rule!
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