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Below are a list of races that are available with a potion to change your stats... in order to get a potion you must reach out to an Admin so they can spawn the race potion that is wanted.

Be aware that the potion you choose is the character you choose and must stick to that character until character is killed off... of course by your choice.

1.2x multiplier to Health
1.3x multiplier to Carry Weight
1.05x Melee Damage
1.3x Crafting Speed

1.1x Health
1.1x Weight Carry
5x Water Drain Speed
Massively Reduced Food Consumption
150% Increased Move Speed Underwater but 40% Reduced move speed on land
Increased Stamina Regen/Regens Stamina while underwater
Does not deplete O2 while underwater (even while logged out)
Night Vision Increase/Water Vision Increase
Large starting increase to hypothermal insulation


1.06x Movement Speed
1.15x Health
-0.75 Torpor Per second
The Araneo will not aggro them now
Moderate increase to starting hypothermal ins
INI configuration for the night vision Details in Discussion section

1.4x Stamina
1.06x Movement Speed
Aggro Reduction from bugs, Mantas, Leeches, Terror birds, Pegomast, Sabers, Wolves


1.3x Stamina
1.08x Movement Speed
1.35x Oxygen
50% faster in water
Moderate increase in starting hyperthermal insulation

1.1x Health
1.1x Stamina
1.02x Movement Speed
1.2x Oxygen
20% increased move speed in water
1.08x Weight
regen 1.0 stamina per second

1.3x Health
1.1x Melee Damage
+0.2 Health Regen per second
10% damage reduction
Moderate increase in starting hypothermal insulation

3.0x Health
1.2x Stamina
4.0x Melee Damage
Bit of a torpor resistance boost
Takes 35% less damage
+ 1 health regen per second


1.1x Carry Weight
1.5x Crafting Speed

1.1x Health
1.1x Stam
1.2x Oxygen
20% increased move speed in water
-1.5 Torpor per second
40% reduced food and water consumption


Native Hyperthermal insulation ~200
70% reduced water consumption
1.2X Health
.02 hp/sec
Not aggroed by; Thorny Dragons, Boas, Sarco
Reduced aggro from; Dimorph, Raptor, Kapro, Compy
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